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Electronic Target Features

Here are some of the benefits of electronic targets.
For full details on our Silver Mountain Electronic Targets please visit our SMT section.

No Manual Marking

Less physical work needed with no requirement for manual target marking.

Faster Stage Turnaround

No closing the range between stages to change markers significantly reduces the turnaround between stages.

Immediate Shot Display

No more waiting for the marker to find a hole! Each shot is displayed within seconds of firing, making it equal to all shooters.

Recorded Groups/Plots

All stages are recorded and available for review, plotting and analasys at any time by club members.

Weekly Review 12/01/2019

Weekly Review 12/01/2019

Jan 13
Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 12th January 2019, T W Willman Trophy, 900yards Wind, strong gusty wind was the enemy on Saturday and it came at shooters from a number of directions throughout the day, before settling between south and west, jumping backwards and forwards, and increasing and decreasing in velocity. At times there were four point changes between shots as the wind squared up, and there weren’t many who escaped its wrath as the carnage continued through the afternoon. Just hitting the target was difficult for some and there was a wide spread of hits on the target. Of the target rifle group Graeme Bright and Steve Williams put in the best performances with Bright shooting a superb 49.06 second stage to secure the Cock of the Walk from Williams who also shot 49 but could not find enough centre bulls eyes. Gordon Shepherd had a one point lead at the changeover but the wind gusts caught him out with two magpie threes ending his challenge.
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