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Electronic Target Features

Here are some of the benefits of electronic targets.
For full details on our Silver Mountain Electronic Targets please visit our SMT section.

No Manual Marking

Less physical work needed with no requirement for manual target marking.

Faster Stage Turnaround

No closing the range between stages to change markers significantly reduces the turnaround between stages.

Immediate Shot Display

No more waiting for the marker to find a hole! Each shot is displayed within seconds of firing, making it equal to all shooters.

Recorded Groups/Plots

All stages are recorded and available for review, plotting and analasys at any time by club members.

Weekly Review 08/12/2018

Weekly Review 08/12/2018

Dec 09
Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 8th December 2018, Diggers and G James Cups (Round two), 300yards It’s only eight days into summer and the heat has already arrived making the conditions on the mound on Saturday very uncomfortable. Fortunately there was little wind and surprisingly not a lot of mirage to think about as the flags displayed no interest in moving away from the flag poles. The target rifle group sprang a surprise with B graders Dennis Lavelle and John Coghill setting the standard, dropping just the one point each in their first stages. Gordon Shepherd still running his new barrel in had a 48.02, Steve Williams dropped his last two shots for a 46.02 and Graeme Bright querying his wind settings jagged a magpie three in his 45.03;
...

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