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External Links

Australian Range Locations (Google Maps) 
Comprehensive list of Australian Rifle Range Locations.

New South Wales 
New South Wales Rifle Association - 02 9661 4532

Australian Capital Territory 
Canberra Rifle Club - 02 6241 5527

Northern Territory 
Northern Territory Rifle Association - 08 8947 1713

Queensland Rifle Association - 07 3398 4309

South Australia 
South Australian Rifle Association - 08 8244 5533

Tasmanian Rifle Association - 03 6273 2731

Victorian Rifle Association - 03 5449 3153

Western Australia 
West Australian Rifle Association - 08 9384 7905

N.R.A. of Australia 
National Rifle Association of Australia - 07 3398 1228

International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations

N.R.A. United Kingdom 
National Rifle Association of United Kingdom

Dominion of Canada Rifle Association

South African Bisley Union

N.R.A. of America 
National Rifle Association of America

N.R.A. New Zealand 
National Rifle Association of New Zealand

NSW Firearms Registry 
New South Wales Firearms Registry

Licences and Genuine Reasons 
NSW Firearms Registry - Licences and Genuine Reasons

Permit To Acquire A Firearm 
NSW Firearms Registry - Permit To Acquire A Firearm

NSW Dept of Sport & Recreation 
New South Wales Dept. of Sport & Recreation

NSW F Class 
New South Wales F Class 
Informative and active forums for F-Class shooters

Australian Match Rifle

Silver Mountain Targets (Canada)

SMT Australian Distributor

SSRs (pdf) 

N.S.W.R.A. Regulations Summary 
A summary of Regulations by the N.S.W. Rifle Association

ICFRA TR Rules (pdf)
ICFRA technical rules & regulations for Fullbore Target Rifle shooting

ICFRA F-Class Rules (pdf)
ICFRA Rules & Regulations for F-Class  (International)

ICFRA Target Dimensions (pdf) 
ICFRA Target Dimensions (International)