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Weekly Roundup

Weekly Review 16/02/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Feb 18, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc, 16th February 2019, J.Wilde Memorial Trophy, 700yards. Bathurst Rifle Club commenced the J.Wilde Memorial Trophy last Saturday from 700yds in what appeared to be quite benign conditions. However on closer inspection, the light wind resulted in a heavy mirage regularly switching either side of wind zero and at times showing against the direction of the flags. There would be very little improvement in club championship scores happening in these conditions.
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Weekly Review 09/02/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Feb 11, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc, 9th February 2019, Hon. R L Gilmour Cup, 600yards. We missed the rain on Saturday but not the wind. A gusty westerly which swung intermittently in the arc from south-west to north-west raked the open range and created a little havoc with sudden drop-offs catching everyone off guard. The scores were not disastrous but most were not keepers in terms of the Club Championship. Ben Wright was one who improved his Championship status and in doing so took out the Cock of the Walk in the F-class division relegating the last weeks Festival of Sydney winners to yesterdays heroes.
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Weekly Review 26/01/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jan 27, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 26th January 2019, Hon. R L Gilmour Cup, 500yards. Another quiet Saturday, wind wise, but the searing heat left its mark on shooters and despite two excellent stages from F–class competitors Grahame Willis and new comer Luke Engle scores were generally mid range at the best. In the first stage of Target Rifle there were only two points separating all four shooters. Gordon Shepherd as you would expect being the only A grader on the mound led with a 47.04 but only by the skinny margin of one point from Dennis Lavelle and John Coghill who shot 46.04 and 46.02 respectively. Ron Gibson had a run of 3 inner fours and finished with another to record a 45.02.
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Weekly Review 19/01/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jan 20, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 19th January 2019, Hon. R L Gilmour Cup, 300yards It is rare that the conditions on the Bathurst Rifle Range give much consideration to shooters but Saturday was such a day. There was little to no breeze, and with the cloud cover, only a slight mirage was evident. However the whisper of breeze swapped sides in a show of defiance and cruelled all contestants’ hopes of the elusive maximum with not one possible scored. Gordon Shepherd came closest but a wild last shot inner four brought a groan from the spectators and ruined a big performance. His 49.06 was however sufficient to secure the Cock of the Walk from Graeme Bright who came close after a magpie in the first stage set him a mammoth task to stay in contention, and despite a 49.01 second stage fell one point and a heap of centres short. Steve Williams who surprisingly had a moderate first stage 46.03 bounced back with a 48.06 second stage but that was too little too late to collect the bickies.
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Weekly Review 12/01/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jan 13, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 12th January 2019, T W Willman Trophy, 900yards Wind, strong gusty wind was the enemy on Saturday and it came at shooters from a number of directions throughout the day, before settling between south and west, jumping backwards and forwards, and increasing and decreasing in velocity. At times there were four point changes between shots as the wind squared up, and there weren’t many who escaped its wrath as the carnage continued through the afternoon. Just hitting the target was difficult for some and there was a wide spread of hits on the target. Of the target rifle group Graeme Bright and Steve Williams put in the best performances with Bright shooting a superb 49.06 second stage to secure the Cock of the Walk from Williams who also shot 49 but could not find enough centre bulls eyes. Gordon Shepherd had a one point lead at the changeover but the wind gusts caught him out with two magpie threes ending his challenge.
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