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Weekly Review 08/06/2019

Weekly Review 08/06/2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 8st June 2019. 300yds. FA Wilde Trophy.

          Saturday gave us some excellent weather to grab a good score on the tight 300 yard target with a slight westerly breeze barely giving enough to push the shots into the bullseye 5 ring. The overcast but dry afternoon gave shooters a good sight picture with only a hint of mirage showing on the target.

          In F Class Graham Willis again got straight to work showing the others what could be obtained with consistency and gained the days CoW with a three point’s margin over Col Howell who could not keep them where he wanted in the first stage but tried hard to make up for it with the day’s best F Class stage for his second. Geoff Willis struggled to keep his shots centred vertically all day and seemed to give up trying by the end.

          Ex Bathurst shooter Darren Crimston came for a visit and showed how well he is holding the rifle now with the top score for the day in TR Class. Graeme Bright had a slow start in his first stage but made up later with a big finish to be only one point behind the lead alongside Gordon Shepherd who finished just a couple of centre bulls away. Ron Gibson and Dennis Lavelle were another three points off the day’s top score in TR with Dennis dropping back from his good form of previous weeks.

          Next week is the second round of the FA Wilde Trophy at 500 yards and the first round of the new championship year.


GP Willis 117.12 (3) 100

D Crimston 96.8 (5.75) 100

R Gibson 92.7 (12) 100

C Howell 114.5 (4.5) 99.5

G Bright 95.9 (3.25) 98.25

D Lavelle 92.5 (6.25) 98.25

G Shepherd 95.7 (3) 98

GS Willis 110.2 (4.67) 95.67

by Geoff Willis

All scores/plots can be found Here.

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jun 09, 2019