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Weekly Review 09/03/2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 9th March 2019. 300yds. W. Cutler Cup.   

          Light winds mostly from the south west should have offered shooters the opportunity for some good scores at 300 yards for the first round of the W Cutler Cup. However the somewhat fickle movement of the flags managed to steal a point or two from all shooters with some faring worse.

         Steve Williams was first up of the TR shooters and despite some initial hiccups with the target antenna system kept his score up with the rest of the field. Gordon Shepherd did likewise while keeping more of his shots nearer the centre. Graeme Bright seemed to need an extra sighter before concentrating his group where he wanted it. Ron Gibson started with a couple of reasonable sighters but appeared to have trouble holding the group up to centre and suffered an early loss of 8 points.

         Ben Wright keenly got to business showing how things were going to improve with his new equipment as he started off without the need for sighters only dropping 3 points for the stage. Nick Webster started with a rough patch as he used up some old ammunition. Jeff Eppleston saw the 300 yd shoot as a good chance to experiment with the 6mm but had some problems with the rifle settling in. Geoff Willis managed to keep all but one shot where he wanted them losing that point to a drop in the flags. Col Howell did his usual and steadily put his shots near the middle keeping great elevation dropping only 2 points. Luke Engle had a slow start getting accustomed with the club rifle.

         Gordon Shepherd finished the day strongly with a good centre count to take COW ahead of Graeme Bright with Steve Williams just 2 centres behind. Ron Gibson showed what he is capable of with a great second stage 48.4 just 2 centres off the top TR stage for the day. Geoff Willis grabbed the F class COW with Ben Wright and Col Howell snapping at his heels in finishing off one point each away. Nick Webster and Luke Engle had great finishes for the day with only one centre to separate them at 3 points further down. Jeff Eppleston could only improve by one point for his last stage with improved elevation but the light bullets suffered with the conditions.

         Next week will be the second round of the W Cutler Cup and another round of the club championship at 500 yards.


G. Willis 117.7 (3 .25 100

B. Wright 116.9 (4.25) 100

G. Shepherd 95.11 (5) 100

N. Webster 113.4 (7) 100

R. Gibson 90.7 (11.25) 100

L. Engle 113.3 (6.75) 99.79

C. Howell 116.5 (2.75) 98.96

S. Williams 93.4 (5.25) 98.25

G. Bright 93.6 (3.75) 96.75

J. Eppleston 111.4 (4.75) 96.46   

by Geoff Willis

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Posted in Weekly Roundup on Mar 10, 2019