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Weekly Review 13/04/2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 13th April 2019. 900yds. Captains Trophy & Championship.  

          Last Saturday gave us some great weather to finish the Captains Trophy at 900 yards. With a couple of the Target Rifle shooters away contesting the Victorian State Championships at Bendigo numbers were down a little for the opportunity to get a good score in for the club championship round. During the afternoon the fickle breeze proved difficult to manage, coming from the west to slightly north westerly early on then changing to be more southerly to south westerly and occasionally dropped off leaving the flags to hang down the poles.

         The TR shooters seemed to struggle the most in the tricky conditions with Gordon Shepherd managing to stay in front by one point at each stage to take out the days CoW with Ron Gibson just trailing by two points and two centres for the day.

         The F Class shooters also struggled to come to terms with the conditions down range, although there were a couple of better scores achieved later. Unexplained high and low shots seemed to affect most shooters at some time. Graham Willis got the days F class CoW in the end, one point ahead of Geoff Willis and Ben Wright, who managed to keep a the highest number of shots in the X ring. Angus Ogilvie tried hard to hold them in the middle while being coached using the club rifle but lost points to the difficult conditions early on. Jeff Eppleston was off his normal pace for the day losing some of his points to the unexplained vertical spread of shots.

         The Captains Trophy was won by Ben Wright with the runner up Graham Willis. Next week there is no shooting and we will commence the L Williams Cup starting at 300 yards on the 27th April.


GP Willis 112.3 (8.5) 100

GS Willis 111.2 (9.75) 100

B Wright 111.7 (7.5) 98.75

J Eppleston 107.2 (11) 98.25

R Gibson 84.5 (12) 96

G Shepherd 86.7 (8.25) 94.25

A Ogilvie 101.2 (12) 94

by Geoff Willis

All scores/plots can be found Here.

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Apr 14, 2019