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W & J Brown Shield postponed.

Posted in Announcements on Sep 10, 2019

W & J Brown Shield 700 yards postponed. Hello to all, I just wanted to let you know that the 700 yards was again postponed last Saturday due to the weather. We are hoping to shoot the 700 yards this Saturday 14th all being well. Geoff Willis
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Weekly Review 31/08/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Sep 01, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 31st August 2019. 600yds. W & J Brown Trophy. After the early morning wind disappeared shortly before the start of shooting on Saturday some shooters may have thought they were in for easy shooting conditions but as usual Mother Nature gave us an interesting afternoon that varied from the flags hanging down the poles to a light but unpredictable South Easterly breeze. Few shooters were lucky enough to go through with their scores appearing relatively unaffected while others wondered where the odd wide shot came come from. Steve Williams dominated TR Class dropping only two points for the day while scoring the only possible for his second stage and amassing twelve centre bulls as well.
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Weekly Review 24/08/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 25, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 24th August 2019. 900yds. W & J Brown Shield. Saturday started with very little breeze in the morning and the sun shining bright with a clear blue sky made for a pleasant day to be outside. By midday the wind had picked up from the west increasing in strength to around 20 k/h with some occasional stronger gusts and by the time shooting commenced the wind direction was swinging to come from the north-west and then back from the west again giving continual direction and strength changes for the shooters to contend with. This made for a very challenging task to achieve high scores for this club championship round with the newer members and visitors experiencing how tough 900 yards at the Bathurst range can be.
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Weekly Review 17/08/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 20, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 17rd August 2019. 600yds. J Sibera Trophy. Saturday saw a return to shooting after the previous weeks shooting was postponed due to inclement weather. This brought us back to 600 yards for the final round of the J Sibera Trophy and another Club Championship round. With another great roll up of shooters the decision was made to set up and calibrate another of the new electronic targets prior to starting the shooting which used up some extra time early on but all shooters still managed to get through in time. The day began with the flags mostly hanging beside the poles, then finished later on with similar conditions but during the afternoon a tricky and hard to read at times west to south westerly came and went along with the accompanying mirage to upset most shooters chance at an easy days conditions.
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Weekly Review 03/08/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 05, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 3rd August 2019. 800yds. W & J Brown Shield. Saturday saw the largest roll up of shooters for club competition in some time but fortunately the new electronic target systems coped well without any problems enabling all shooters to finish in time. It is planned to bring another electronic target into service during the week to get shooters finished earlier from next Saturday onward. Once again fine weather made it enjoyable to be out soaking up the sunshine earlier in the afternoon with a light to moderate breeze from the south west which repeatedly swung to the west and occasionally increased in strength as well. This ensured shooters had to be very vigilant watching flags and mirage to capitalise on their score.
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