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Weekly Review 08/12/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Dec 09, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 8th December 2018, Diggers and G James Cups (Round two), 300yards It’s only eight days into summer and the heat has already arrived making the conditions on the mound on Saturday very uncomfortable. Fortunately there was little wind and surprisingly not a lot of mirage to think about as the flags displayed no interest in moving away from the flag poles. The target rifle group sprang a surprise with B graders Dennis Lavelle and John Coghill setting the standard, dropping just the one point each in their first stages. Gordon Shepherd still running his new barrel in had a 48.02, Steve Williams dropped his last two shots for a 46.02 and Graeme Bright querying his wind settings jagged a magpie three in his 45.03;
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Hanson Corporate Xmas Shoot 2018

Posted in General Shooting News on Dec 09, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 4th December 2018 Hanson Corporate Xmas Shoot Corporate day on the Mound Hanson Concrete recently staged a corporate team building day for plant and quarry managers from across the central west. Bathurst Rifle Club hosted the event with participants travelling from as far away as Temora, Dubbo and east to Katoomba. The day involved an informal competition with two stages of eight shots being fired from 500yds. For most competitors this would be the first time that they had fired a high powered rifle or been on a rifle range. However, with Bathurst’s international team members, Geoff Willis and Jeff Eppleston on hand as coaches, everyone was able to achieve creditable scores and enjoy the day. In fact there proved to be only a ten point spread of scores over the day, and this also kept the focus on the next competitor and his or her efforts.
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Weekly Review 24/11/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Nov 25, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 24th November 2018, Diggers and G James Cups, 600yards The heavy winds created havoc on the range on Saturday but they weren’t the only hazard encountered by shooters. A plague of small black flies swarmed around shooters as they lay on the mound and with rifle in hand it was impossible to wave them off. It was a case of put up with them in your nose, eyes and mouth and try not to eat them, all the while battling a wind from the west with gusts between 10 to 40 kilometers per hour and every number between in an unrelenting battering.
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Weekly Review 10/11/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Nov 11, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 10th November 2018, Diggers and G James Cups, 500yards. A warm sunny Saturday afternoon was just to order for shooters at the first of the Championship ranges after an eight week break. Some good scores were achieved, none better than those by Steve Williams who honed in on the centre bull’s eye almost from the first shot, converting all four sighters, three of which were centre bull’s eyes.
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Weekly Review 03/11/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Nov 04, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 3rd November 2018, Diggers and G James Cups, 300yards The eagerly awaited reopening of the range was well attended and shooters grasped the day with gusto. Despite a gusty west to south westerly the short 300 yard range held few fears and almost 50 % of competitors shot up to or better than their handicaps. There were some excellent shoots but none better than tyro Nick Webster. After sorting out his reloading technique and using a light 69 grain projectile Webster had a moderate first stage 54.1 but finished off with the top F-class stage of the day, a 59.7. Webster’s stage seemed to inspire a number of shooters from both target rifle and F-class ranks to try to emulate his deeds.
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