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Weekly Review 08/06/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jun 09, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 8st June 2019. 300yds. FA Wilde Trophy. Saturday gave us some excellent weather to grab a good score on the tight 300 yard target with a slight westerly breeze barely giving enough to push the shots into the bullseye 5 ring. The overcast but dry afternoon gave shooters a good sight picture with only a hint of mirage showing on the target. In F Class Graham Willis again got straight to work showing the others what could be obtained with consistency and gained the days CoW with a three point’s margin over Col Howell who could not keep them where he wanted in the first stage but tried hard to make up for it with the day’s best F Class stage for his second. Geoff Willis struggled to keep his shots centred vertically all day and seemed to give up trying by the end.
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Weekly Review 01/06/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jun 02, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 1st June 2019. 800yds. Secretary’s Trophy. Saturday saw the first official day of winter and the last round of competition for the Bathurst Rifle Club 2019 shooting year with another magnificent day. Sunshine and only a few clouds about later in the afternoon with a mostly steady south east breeze that only occasionally pushed at about 6-8 k/h. Shooters could have expected a decent score for the day and most were rewarded accordingly.
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Weekly Review 25/05/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on May 29, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 25th May 2019. 900yds. Secretary’s Trophy. We had another magnificent day to be outdoors on Saturday with a west to slightly north-westerly breeze at about 14 k/h early in the afternoon and 10 k/h later on with the occasional steady period followed by a bit of a swing to the north as it dropped in strength. It was possible at times to get lucky with a steady patch and a few were able to capitalise on that period.
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Weekly Review 18/05/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on May 19, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 18th May 2019. 700yds. I Hughes & R Northcott Trophies. Saturday gave us a beautiful afternoon to be outside enjoying the sunshine with only a light breeze mostly from the north west to occasionally lift the flags then dropping at times to allow the mirage to creep from the east. The upgraded electronics of the target system performed well as the club members familiarised themselves with the new software and scores in general were not too bad for the difficult 700 yards target. Some may have expected above average scores in the conditions, but there were enough swings of mirage and flags to dampen most hopes.
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Weekly Review 11/05/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on May 13, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 11th May 2019. 600yds. L Williams Cup. Saturday’s 600 yard shoot began with a moderate but icy westerly blowing across the range which had all attending rugged up as though it was a midwinter’s day. The Target Rifle group had F Class outnumbered for the first time in a while with 3 Bathurst F Class shooters attending a NSW State Team training weekend in Canberra.
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