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Weekly Review 13/04/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Apr 14, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 13th April 2019. 900yds. Captains Trophy & Championship. Last Saturday gave us some great weather to finish the Captains Trophy at 900 yards. With a couple of the Target Rifle shooters away contesting the Victorian State Championships at Bendigo numbers were down a little for the opportunity to get a good score in for the club championship round. During the afternoon the fickle breeze proved difficult to manage, coming from the west to slightly north westerly early on then changing to be more southerly to south westerly and occasionally dropped off leaving the flags to hang down the poles.
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Weekly Review 06/04/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Apr 08, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 6th April 2019. 800yds. Captains Trophy. Last Saturday was thankfully a vast improvement in weather to the previous week with sunshine and very little cloud in the morning. From about midday on the west to north westerly wind strengthened a little and continued to drop off and gust at times as it swung occasionally to come from the south west. Scores were much improved over the previous week although there was still a reasonable level of difficulty overall. The top target rifle score for the day and CoW went to Graeme Bright who also had the best stage of the day with 50.5, Steve Williams was only one point away with next best score for the day.
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Weekly Review 30/03/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Mar 31, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 30th March 2019. 700yds. K. Redding Trophy & Club Championship. After some discussion about the prevailing weather, all who had come to brave the cold wind eventually decided to go ahead and shoot. The west to south westerly wind was gusting up to 30 kph at times. Looking up the flag line the flags were tipping toward the skies in a random fashion then dropping off and occasionally swinging to slightly from the north west. All making it extremely difficult to get a steady run in the conditions for a decent score and centre X’s were hard to get.
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Weekly Review 23/03/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Mar 24, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 23th March 2019. 600yds. W. Cutler Cup & Club Championship. Last Saturday saw relatively light winds from the northwest to westerly which at times dropped in strength with the flags swinging to come more from the north as the mirage threatened to switch direction. This saw most scores lower than what was expected. Of the TR shooters Graham Bright managed to keep more where he wanted them than the others with Steve Williams and Gordon Shepherd only one point behind for the day. Dennis Lavelle suffered the most as he started the day, struggling to come to terms with the conditions finishing up a couple more points off the lead.
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Weekly Review 16/03/2019

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Mar 18, 2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc., 16th March 2019. 500yds. W. Cutler Cup & Club Championship. Saturday saw the second round of the W Cutler Cup and a club championship shoot. The numbers of competitors at this week’s 500-yard club shoot were somewhat depleted with 4 members attending the annual Lyndhurst two-day prize shoot. The six shooters that did attend were greeted with a strong and variable easterly breeze that swirled over the tree lot lining the eastern perimeter of the range.
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