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Weekly Review 01/09/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Sep 02, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 1st September 2018, W & J Brown Consolation Trophy, 600yards Saturday’s final shoot for the 2018 season was the W & J Brown Consolation Trophy at 600 yards and if you hadn’t already won a trophy in 2018 it wasn’t the best day to start trying with the windy season that we have had continuing unabated. The gusty westerly wind thwarted any chance of an easy shoot. Gordon Shepherd, saving his new barrel till next year, persevered with the old “worn out” barrel and shot a healthy 49.01/50 to set the standard. Steve Williams with no such impediment fired a 48.05 and Graeme Bright found the gusts a little too much scoring just 46.02.
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Weekly Review 25/08/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 28, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 25th Aug 2018, W & J Brown Shield, 900yards The final range of the W & J Brown Shield was abandoned due to the inclement weather on Saturday 25th and the trophy was decided on the results of the previous 700 and 800 yard ranges. Gordon Shepherd with a brilliant 800 yard shoot snatched the win from Geoff Willis by a mere ¼ of a point with Colin Howell just ½ a point further back. The final trophy of the 2018 season will be the W & J Brown Consolation Trophy the competition for which is reserved for shooters who have not won a trophy during the year. The “Conso” will be held next Saturday 1st September on the 600 yard range. This will be the final shoot for the 2018 season because of the motor racing shutdown.
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Weekly Review 18/08/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 19, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 18th Aug 2018, W & J Brown Shield, 800yards If last weeks’ shoot was described as brutal Saturdays wind was just as rough, but when you add sunny patches interspersed with very poor light, periods of rain which all but obliterated the target, an extra 100 yards, a bitterly cold wind and a 15 shot match it was a disaster waiting to happen. But surprisingly it was only the two B grade target rifle shooters Dennis Lavelle and John Coghill who found difficulty with the conditions. As angry as the day turned out there were surprisingly good result for most of the competitors with the 15 shot match producing some excellent scores.
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Weekly Review 11/08/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 12, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 11th Aug 2018, W & J Brown Shield, 700yards Saturday’s shoot was conducted in what one competitor called brutal conditions and the score cards certainly indicated a less than happy day on the mound. Shooters arrived at the range with some trepidation as the strong north-westerly wind gusted across the open fields. Gordon Shepherd and John Coghill drew the number one positions and their experiences set the tone for the day posting 41.03 and 37.01 respectively. With the wind gusts varying from 6 to 11 windage points and changes, which because of the direction were almost impossible to read, outer two’s were a very common number. At some points during the day the directional flags were vigorously pointing skywards.
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Weekly Review 04/08/2018

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Aug 05, 2018

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 4th Aug 2018, J Sibera Trophy, 600yards The final 600 yard range of the J Sibera Trophy began with a gusty south westerly wind with the heavy gusts appearing to present a real challenge. Drawing the short straw Colin Howell was first down and confounded all with a masterful display of target shooting. Either the wind was not as threatening as appeared or Howell was about to demolish his competition in the F class ranks, which turned out to be the case.
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