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Weekly Review 05/01/2019

Bathurst Rifle Club Inc. 5th January 2019, Norman Rutherford Memorial Trophy, 800yards


            The threatened storms did not eventuate but the heat and humidity did, combining with fluctuating wind gusts, which commenced as a rear fishtail and gradually turned to a west-nor westerly breeze. Almost half of the attendees were visitors or first timers trying the sport of long range shooting taking advantage of the scheduled 800 yard N Rutherford Memorial Trophy. 

            Graeme Bright elected to lead off and found the fishtail breeze a challenge with the flags and mirage swapping sides constantly. Steve Williams unhappy with his performance of late changed rifles and belied his recent scores with a 99.10, his only blemish a surprise inner four midway through his second stage. Brights' second stage 49.06 was a very good solid shoot but his first stage 47.02 left him short.

            The F-class regulars had their hands full coaching and attending to the visitors some of whom had never shot long range competition matches before. Terry Howell (Gosford RC) set about teaching his brother Colin his place having introduced him to rifle shooting just two years ago. A 56.3 versus Colin’s 52.1 seemed about right but the tables were turned dramatically when Terry imploded with a 45.2 second stage and Colin responded to stymie his brother with a 54.3

             New comers Adam and Mick Muldoon, not new to shooting, but new to long range target shooting showed their familiarity with firearms and performed well. The friendly rivalry inspired Mick to a 55.0 second stage requiring Adam to shoot a 57 or better but the task was beyond him.  Andrew Ballantonio had his first taste of target shooting and kept his shots in the black for scores of 43.0 and 42.0 whilst Luke Harris (Hornsby RC) continued his summer holidays in Bathurst (a break from the school curriculum) with a couple of stages from his Remington 700 Tack 51 FTR rifle.

            Geoff Willis after all his coaching and directing managed a couple of stages, again with his elbow pillow,  putting the day’s best two F class scores on the board, a 57.1 and 58.5 which included a couple of surly grunts.  

            Williams won the Norman Rutherford Memorial Trophy from Willis both achieving 100/100 handicap scores.

            Next week is the T W Willman Trophy, QVM and Championship over 900 yards.


S Williams TRA 99.10 (2 ¼) 100
G S Willis FSA 115.6 (5) 100
G Bright TRA 96.08 (3) 99
C Howell FSB 106.4 (12) 98 ¼
N Webster FSB 88.3 (10 ¾) 82.25
M Muldoon FSB 109.2
A Muldoon FSB 109.2
T Howell (Gosford RC) FSA 101.3
L Harris (Hornsby RC) 91.1
A Ballantonio FSB 85.0
J Coghill Rtd;
D Lavelle Rtd:       

by John Coghill

All scores/plots can be found Here. 

Posted in Weekly Roundup on Jan 07, 2019